IMAGINE Placing A Bet Were You Can Lock In A PROFIT Regardless of the outcome…

  • No matter how many bets you place...
  • No matter if this is your very first bet EVER…
  • No matter if you’ve been on the losing end of bets for YEARS...

With ZERO effort on your part, you come out ahead.

Think it’s more of a “pipe-dream” than your reality? THINK AGAIN….

Take just 3 minutes to peruse this letter, and I’ll show you how I lock in profits every time I throw £50 in the pot.

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Let’s face it…

Betting can be a real artform, and it’s NOT easy!

It takes a ton of time and research to find out where you should place your investments.

And even if you spend hours researching so you can give yourself the BEST odds, there’s just no guarantee it’ll turn out in your favor.

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.

Unless you can predict the future, there’s just no changing that.

But you CAN work around it.

If you want to make some REAL money, you need to start betting with an edge…

What if you had a betting system in place that allowed you to collect money regardless of the outcome...

  • ...a 100% LEGAL loophole that’s among the TOP 1% of legitimate online opportunities.
  • ...a system that allowed you to make as many bets as you like, and collect every time.
  • ...a system that was DONE-FOR-YOU, so it takes all of the risk, and strategy OUT of play.

After 6 months in development, and relentless beta testing, I’m now extremely proud to bring you the simplest, “click and bet” system that I’ve ever seen on the net…

It’s designed to give you the upper hand…

It’s designed to be simple, with no guesswork…

But here’s the best part

This simple system is designed to lock in a profit on your investment!

That’s exactly what we created with Accumulator Generator..

The NINJA Structure Behind Our System’s

Imagine you place a bet on a coin toss. You have £1 on heads, and £1 on tails… Hmmmm… Do you win? Or do you lose?

The answer is - BOTH.

You would only break even in this instance because it’s a 50/50 betting scenario, right?

BUT - What if you received a refund on the losing coin toss bet?

By hedging your stakes against the potential losing bet refund, you would make an equal profit -
no matter what the outcome!

It creates a win-win scenario, with ZERO time and effort on your part! (In fact, with a tap of your finger on a phone or computer mouse, you WILL profit from these bets!)

That’s EXACTLY how we’ve designed our software algorithm!

You see, bookmakers have a special offer on accumulator bets where you get your stake refunded if one team lets you down.

When you place the accumulator bet,
Accumulator Generator hedges all possible outcomes and lays against the potential refund
so you make an equal profit…


The only strategy involved is already done for you, and it is built into the Accumulator Generator system.

What does that mean for you?

  • You don’t have to have any prior experience with betting.
  • You don’t have to research to find bets, or even crunch numbers on a calculator, and
  • You don’t have to be knowledgeable on the odds or team records for a particular sport. (For example, which football team has the best odds of winning).

None of that matters, because you’ll profit no matter what!

When we say “Done-For-You”, we mean it!

This is EXACTLY why I designed the system - so you don’t HAVE to do any extra work...because it’s already done for you!

With Accumulator Generator,

  • ALL bets are found for you! - so you’ll never have to waste hours searching for yourself.
  • The ideal stakes are already calculated for you! - on all of the bets, so you’ll never have to worry about running numbers or pulling out a calculator.

You can:

  • Place all of your lay bets at the same time in one go, so you don’t need to be available to lay off each game!
  • Secure your bets “on-the-go”! You can bet AT the match, AT the racecourse, - you can even bet AT the office... all from your mobile device.
  • Update NEW odds every minute! New accas are always popping up, and the odds that everyone has their money on the same acca are impossible.
  • Leverage 50,000 combinations for each bookmaker every minute! Our system cranks out hundreds of highly profitable bets with each bookie.
  • (The last thing you need to worry about is everybody betting on the same selections, or not having enough betting opportunities!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

You’ll gain Instant Access to our entire betting interface, which includes: -

01 Our Exclusive “Acca Matcher” Online Portal

This is where you’ll spend most of your time.
Here, you’ll find:

  • Done-For-You list of actively running bets (including which teams are playing)
  • The EXACT amount of profit you WILL make when placing the accumulator bet
  • Includes betting shop odds so you can exploit shop acca insurance (GOLDMINE!)
  • One-Click Calculator to access all the odds and stakes (that we worked out for you)...
  • Customised Acca matcher ONLY shows bets that will qualify for bonuses
These are the profits you could make once you've placed your bets -
(Are You Starting To Add Up All Those £12 Figures In Your Head?)

02 Bet Finder

With the Bet Finder, you can:

  • Filter and customize your bet search - with over 70+ bookmakers to choose from, and new bets updating every 60 seconds, you’ll NEVER run short on betting opportunities!
  • Find free bets, bets outside of the accumulator offers, and “invite-only” offers - For advanced betters, this is a GREAT way to push your profits to a whole new level!
  • Search for accumulator bets on ANY league! (E.g., If you want an accumulator bet only showing teams from the Premier League, you can select the Premier League under the select football leagues section).

03 Auto-populating DONE-FOR-YOU Calculators

When you select a bet from either the Acca matcher or Bet Finder, it will AUTOMATICALLY fill in the teams, odds, and stakes in the calculator for you.

It will display the EXACT stakes you need to place for each bet so you don't need to work out anything yourself. That means,

  • NO crunching figures,
  • NO putting pen to paper, and
  • NO pulling your hair out in mathematical frustration!

EVERYTHING you need is already in your auto-formatted betting calculators. (yep - it’s really that easy.)

04 Betting “Reminders”

Since bets are sorted in order of which game is playing first, we have built-in “reminders” to help you know what time the future games kick off.

This will remind you what bets you have running and which ones are finished, so you don’t need to remember a single thing...

05 Over 3 hours of video training, and demonstrations

This includes:

  • The Basics of Betting - Everything you need to know about accumulator bets - (EVEN FIRST TIME BETTERS can view this training and be up and betting within the hour!)
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials - I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use EACH function of the software - leaving nothing to the imagination. You’ll know exactly how to use the Accumulator Generator to manifest maximum results in no time...
  • RISK-FREE Checklist - Get profits EVERY SINGLE TIME. This FAIL-PROOF checklist ensures that no mistakes are made, so you bank profits EVERY TIME!
  • Training on 3 Betting Systems - we give you not just ONE, but THREE built-in betting systems to choose from, based on your betting experience.
  • Advanced Betting tutorials - discussing advanced accumulator strategies for making even greater profits.

06 Access to our Frequently Asked Questions VAULT

  • We continuously add to our archive of most commonly asked questions, so you’ll NEVER have a question go unanswered. (If there’s a betting or software topic you can’t find, we’ve got you covered...simply contact our Customer Support Team.)

and much, much more!

It’s all pre-programmed.

It’s MADE for betters like you who don’t want to deal with ANY of the hassle, and

It’s formatted to SPIT OUT MONEY for you. Every time!


All YOU have to decide is how much money you’d like to make today.

Accumulator Generator is valued at £199 + VAT, (and to be honest, it’s worth at least twice that much!).

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These are luxuries you’ve only dreamed of...until NOW.

And that’s exactly what Accumulator Generator can do for you.

RIGHT NOW, you have a choice…

You can either continue hemorrhaging money because you’re placing bets with low returns where you can LOSE and get the same crummy results you’ve always had in the past…

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Or you can

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If you feel the £1 investment just isn’t worth the infinite amount of bets that you can monetise on.

Heck, even if you discover that it’s just not for you…

Contact our support team within 14 days of your purchase, and cancel your order. No shenanigans.

But at least allow yourself 14 days to review the course, make bets, and even do some research to see if there’s a better system out there.

I promise you there isn’t.

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Mike Cruickshank

P.S. - Just to make 1 point very clear:

You'll only be leveraging money you NEVER had. Every pound you make is strictly profit.

You use your profits to continue growing more profits. Using other people's money is a tactic the rich have been exploiting since the dawn of human civilisation.


I've never had a losing bet with this system & I show you how in the members area.

(I wouldn’t have designed it any other way…) ;)

Now it's YOUR turn to benefit!

£1 trial for 14 days followed by £99 + VAT.

There are NO yearly fees or other charges after you've signed up.